Rann Riders is an ethnically designed eco-resort, set among wetlands and agricultural fields. The resort has imaginatively designed cottages that blend with the rural countryside in which it is situated. Located near Dasada village, it makes the ideal base to explore the culture, weaves and handicrafts of the Surendranagar district.

The resort offers jeep, horse and camel safaris in the Little Rann of Kutch, habitat of Asiatic Wild Ass and a birdwatching paradise.


Rann Riders has a fleet of open vehicles for cross-country safaris in the Little Rann of Kutch, a 4950 sq km wildlife sanctuary comprising a huge ...


The women of the Kharapat Rabari community, a pastoral group, in the village of Dasada do exquisite embroidery using herringbone stitches ...

Rann Riders is aware that in order to be a sustainable tourism project the resort team has to be involved in initiatives that benefit the local society, specially communities with high artisanal skills like the weavers, embroiderers, potters, etc.

At Rann Riders, there is space provided for weavers to demonstrate their weaves like Ikat and Tangalio.

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