Dasada 382750, District - Surendranagar, Gujarat, India

Modhera Sun Temple (45 km)

The 11th century Sun temple of Modhera is easily one of the finest examples of devotional architecture in western India. Built by Bhima Deva of the Solanki Rajput dynasty. The exterior of temple is carved with traditional erotic scenes and images of many gods and goddesses, while inside are friezes from epics like the Mahabharata portrayed on the pillars.

Patan (70 km)

The historic township of Anhilwada Patan was the 8th-14th century capital of Gujarat,before Ahmed Shah founded Ahmedabad, and is a highly atmospheric citadel with many havelis and temples.

Jhinjhwada (19 km)

Jhinjhwada has the remains of an old fort of the Solanki dynasty that ruled the area in the 11th and 12th centuries. The most impressive relic of the fort is a huge gateway separating the village from the Rann of Kutch with superb sandstone carvings.

Munsar Tank (30 km)

This 12th century tank on the outskirts of the walled town of Viramgam is enclosed by scores of intricately carved temples.