Dasada 382750, District - Surendranagar, Gujarat, India

Dasada and its nearby villages are inhabited by a number of interesting communities including pastoral groups. You can interact with them and observe their age - old customs and traditions.

Kharapat Rabaris

The Kharapat Rabaris were among the original inhabitants of Dasada. They are pastoralists and tend cattle and buffalo.


On the periphery of Dasada lives a community of 15 families of nomadic Mirs who traditionally kept the genealogy of Rabaris.


Bharvads originated in Mathura. They were traditionally maldhari, or nomadic herders, and have kept sheep, goats, cows and buffalo. Bharvads came to the Dasada area looking for grass.


Closely associated with the Bharvads are the Dangasia, traditional weavers. The two communities share a symbiotic relationship. Bharvads keep sheep and Dangasias weave the wool into garments for the Bharvads.


Landholders in Bajana near Dasada for centuries, the Jats also have a pastoral nomadic history. Jats of this region wear the dress of Rajputs, and practice the regional styles of embroidery.


About 5,000 Kolis work as Agarias or salt workers at the salt pans in the Little of Kutch area near Dasada.