Dasada 382750, District - Surendranagar, Gujarat, India

Tarnetar Fair (Aug/Sept)

The best known of Gujarat's fairs is held at the historic shrine of Tarnetar (Trineteshwar), a holy site locally believed to have been the original course of river Ganga. Tarnetar is about 100 km from Dasada.

Ravechi (Aug/Sept)

Ravechi Mela is one of the most important fairs for the Rabari community of Kutch. The fair takes place at the Ravechi Mata temple where the people of Kutch can be seen at their colourful best.

Modhera Dance Festival (January)

The 11th century Sun Temple at Modhera is the backdrop for a classical dance festival in winter. The temple is beautifully illumined and leading performers and troupes from different parts of India perform on the occasion. Modhera is 45 km from Dasada.