Dasada 382750, District - Surendranagar, Gujarat, India

Village safaris by Rann Riders give you and immersive experience to engage with the famed cultured, weaves and handicrafts of this region.


The women of Kharapat Rabari community of Dasada do exquisite embroidery using herringbone stitches interspersed with small mirrors & occasional chain stitches for peacocks and other motifs. At their houses, you can see fine embroidery on dowry sacks, a set of eight wall decorations including toran, chakla & pardo, horn coverings for their cattle and covers for their bullocks, chaniya-choli-odhni A set of skirt-blouse-and-veil) & heirloom pieces. They sometimes have pieces of embroidery & cushion covers for sale.


A variety of weaves can be seen in villages around Dasada. A unique weave of this region is the Tangalio. Weavers are adept at adding extra knots on the weft which create motifs & figures in a dotted pattern on the woven fabric. Using this technique, artisans weave shawls, stoles & garments.


The Mirs of Dasada do beadwork to create braids, tassels, and necklaces. Mir women have begun to make beaded bangles commercially.