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Exclusive trip to Rann

As we left Ahmedabad, we soon turned to the emptier B-roads and while that certainly felt like paradise after driving through the crowds, we soon reached our destination for the night - Rann Riders at Dasada. The name of the place quickly gave away what Bert had in mind for the 700th episode - etching a signature on the undisturbed flatlands of the Rann of Kutch.

Among the rann riders

The plan is to drive to the Rann Riders Eco Resort in Dasada, 100km away, spend the night there and head into the Little Rann of Kutch in the morning for some spectacular photo-ops. After that, head towards Dholavira, 246km away, to the site of the ancient Harappan civilisation through the inner roads of Gujarat.

Explore the Rann of Kutch

Rann Riders Located near the village of Dasada, Rann Riders is an eco resort providing guests with charming cottages fixed with modern amenities that mirror the artistry of the Bajania community of Dasada and the Rabaris of Kutch. It offers guests an array of interesting amenities such as camel cart, jeep and horse safaris, which combine cross country riding with tracking animals and meeting locals in villages.

Top choice in Kutch

Luxurious Rann Riders, near Dasada, offers accommodation in mirror-pattern-studded bhungas (circular huts) or koobas (square huts) with rain showers and mosaic-tiled outdoor bathrooms, surrounded by lush gardens with a swimming pool. The price includes excellent 4WD and camel safaris. Horseback safaris cost ₹3500 for two hours; visits to nearby tribal villages can also be arranged.

Wild Ass Wildlife Sanctuary

To make your experience better, Rann Riders is an eco friendly resort located in Dasada that offers accommodation, and a plethora of activities like camel and jeep safaris, horseback riding, and visits to nearby villages.

From brew this group grew

The group's hotels in the state are Balaram Palace Resorts at Palanpur, Old Bell Guest House in Rajkot, Rann Riders near Surendranagar, Royal Oasis in Bankaner, Garden Palace in Bala Sinor and Prembhai Palace at Chhotaudaipur, near Vadodara.

Unique Local Experience

Horse riding is an interesting way to explore the area. Muzahid Malik, the owner of Ran Riders, has several horses on his property, including local breeds like Marwari and Kathiawadi. These breeds are known to have great stamina to withstand the hot weather and the shortage of water in the area. While short rides and day trips can be organised, Muzahid recommends a two- or three-day trip filled with long rides through the Rann, bird watching near the lake, galloping to nearby villages and camping at night.

Muzahid is open to training new riders and doing an easy route but says that visitors should ideally have a little riding experience to take full advantage of all the activities on the trip.