Welcome to the Little Rann.

In the far west of India, wedged hard under the ribs of the subcontinent and stretching to the Western horizon and the sea beyond, are the bleached flat lands of the Rann of Kuchh – Little & Greater. This is the great salt desert famed as the last home of the Asiatic wild ass and the vast shimmering pink colonies of nesting flamingos. It is a surprisingly rich haven for both wildlife and colourful nomadic cultures which makes a perfect setting for the curious and sensitive traveller to explore and understand.


And Relax

Set in a serene rural landscape near Dasada village, the resort is a lush oasis at the edge of the Little Rann of Kutch.



And Landscape

Safaris here are a great balance between exploring the salt flats, understanding the biodiversity, the geology and of course, exquisite vistas.


The Little Rann of Kutch

The ‘Little’ Rann of Kutch is a 4950 sq. km. saline desert in the Kutch Peninsula of western India that is dominated by vast salt pans, shrubby islands, seasonal nullahs, marshes and rocky hillocks or Dungars of volcanic origin. This unique landscape was originally part of the Arabian Sea. As the land separated from the sea by geological forces, it became a vast, featureless plain encrusted with salt that is inundated with water during the monsoon rains.


Discover the area

At Rann Riders we do not restrict our expereinces to safaris. Indulge in dining experiences among the flats of the Rann, and customised wilderness trips exploring the vast landscape and culture.



And Flamingos

The Flamingo restaurant, named after the state bird of Gujrat, serves a sparkingly new redesigned menu that caters to the discerning palate with a range of local fare to light and nutitious tasty dishes.



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