The completely renovated cottages, whose design harks back to the Kooba houses of the Bajania and the bhunga structures of the Rabari shepherds – neighbouring communities of ours – have now been divided into 3 separate categories. This allows guests to choose the accommodation that is most suitable to their requirements. No matter the category, each cottage is fully equipped with modern facilities and stylish bathrooms and furnished with lovely local fabrics, high quality furnishings and bed linens.

The grounds of the resort have also been comprehensively re-designed with water hungry lawns and exotic trees being gradually replaced with more ecologically appropriate native communities of flora. The idea is to create a more natural and diverse habitat that will in turn support a richer mix of native species of fauna.

5 Room Dasada Premium Wing

This is a set of 5 spacious rooms arranged in two blocks. One with views over a lake and the other over tranquil croplands. The premium wing is an exclusive annexe enjoying separate services and facilities with its own ‘Desjoyaux’ swimming pool, kitchen and choice of dining venues, including private dining. This is perfect for family holidays or a group of friends vacationing together. Rooms can also be booked individually.

6 Safari (Deluxe) Cottages

These are large, airy beautiful cottages with spacious verandahs leading into a lovely sitting area andbedroom. The furnishings and décor are stylishly rustic.

14 Rann (Standard) Cottages

The completely renovated cottages, whose design harks back to the Kooba houses of the Bajania and the bhunga structures of the Rabari shepherds – neighbouring communities of ours – have now been comprehensively upgraded both structurally and aesthetically.

Spa and Wellness

The benefits of Ayurvedic treatments, therapeutic massages, yoga and balanced eating are well recognised and increasingly pertinent in the stressful times we live in. A new product for Rann Riders is the Spa and Wellness centre which will be operated by a very well known Gujarati practitioner – Dr. Chirag. With its peaceful rural setting, Rann Riders is perfectly located to offer this wonderful health option.

Shooting Range

With the Rann Riders feudal lineage, the Jagirdars of Dasada were great hunters and marksmen. This facet of their heritage finds expression at Rann Riders with a superb state of the art Skeet and Trap shooting range. Backing onto farmland, the range is beautifully located and has a lovely feel of a colonial clubhouse. While shooting is not offered as a part of the regular Resort activities, many shooting competitions are held here and enthusiasts can participate either individually or through clubs/associations depending on the nature of the competition. And of course book your accommodation at the resort and enjoy all its offerings.

Rann Riders Heritage

Rann Riders is family-owned. The owners descend from Bakhtiar-ud-din who was given the 24 sq mile jagir (Indian equivalent of a dukedom) of Dasada and its surrounding villages in return for military services provided to the Sultan of Gujarat in the 15th century. He was given the title of Malik Bakhan-1 and his successors continue to use Malik as their title and now as their last name. The Maliks participated in the siege of many forts and the battles of Kuva and Rankhundal in the 1400s and 1500s.

In keeping with the tradition of their ancestors, the owners of Rann Riders assure guests of undivided attention and the warm hospitality of the Kathiawad region in which the property falls.

After having been successfully managed and put on the travel map of Gujarat by the owners, Rann Riders is now managed by Kaafila Luxury Camps, a company owned by veterans of the wildlife and adventure tourism industry who created the luxurious Kaafila mobile camp to explore the fascinating hinterlands of India “beyond the last hotel” and who run the pioneering Snow Leopard Lodge in Ladakh.


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